2020-06-16 - 10:03 p.m.

Ten PM, almost bedtime, I just want to get something down so it may be a little raggedy.

We are a little over a week out from our vacation in the Crater of Diamonds in Arkansas. We are camping so supplies have to be inventoried, cleaned and repacked. The Park isn't renting tools so I am building sifting screen boxes. I have one mostly done. Lots of work and I am not sure it is the best pattern but it will work. I have to build three of them so I can do things a little different on the next two if I decide it is cumbersome.

I have been working out with my husband. I am tired of being overweight. I am not used to the shape I am and the way it limits my activities. I know that I will have some loss of strength and stamina as I age but it is too soon and too much for me so with my husbands help (and my sons company) I am trying to get back to a better place.

I went back to work last week. Graduation one student and their family moving through the auditorium at a time took almost 6 hours. Parents were happy to have something formal they where they could take pictures and cheer their child's accomplishment.

My son's report card came in missing the final semester grade since they really didn't have a final semester. He got a 6th grade "camp" shirt that dubbed his class Quarantined 2020. It will be a story he tells to his children, I hope.

I feel like things are about to get really weird. I know that 2020 has all the memes and jokes about 2020 bingo card and stuff but in all seriousness I feel like there is a dark storm coming. I can't get this feeling of absolute dread out of my head. I plan my family vacation, set schedules for my work and act like there is a normal future coming but it isn't normal, it may never be normal again and while so much that is normal should be dumped in the river along with all the confederate statues I want a better normal than what we are settling into.

Today and old man tried to bully a younger man for wearing a mask. The younger man told the mask-less old man to fuck off. The old man was moving around looking for people to accost for wearing a mask (I escaped his attention) and people treated him like he was crazy (which he is, for accosting strangers if nothing else). Wearing a mask is such an easy thing to do for others. Millions of women (like me) will make you one for free. And no, you are not "breathing in your toxins" nor are the hospitals treating people for wearing masks. It is uncomfortable. You may finding breathing a little bit harder but unless you have diminished lung capacity you will be fine. Suck it up, wear a mask and if you can't, if you just don't want to, don't accost strangers who are willing to wear a mask for you. If you are going to be selfish at least be quiet about it and stay away from everyone. We don't want any of your germs, even if they aren't the covid.

See, raggedy.


I wish you Peace


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