2020-05-13 - 7:29 p.m.

Today I was out in the world. My Darling says I spend way too much time out in the world and he is probably right. I miss working but I go to the stores once a week at least sometimes twice. I have combined my "stop by and check work" with the "pick up the child's school packet" and "grocery shopping" so while I am involved out of the house for most of the day it is only one day and only one shot at bringing it into the house. Disinfect at the door, wipe down me, the groceries and anything else coming in. I know they have said no need to wipe groceries but It can't hurt so I do make sure anything my mom uses is clean before giving it to her.

I am really disappointed (not surprised mind you) that more people are not willing to protect me. Wearing a mask is uncomfortable, I get it, and the longer you have to wear it the less you will like it. But it isn't that much to ask for you fellow man. You can be a hero, you can save a life, just wear a mask. But no. Not those freedom loving types. No one tells them what to do. Worse, they claim to be doing it to protect everyone's freedom, not just theirs. I call BS. Too many "I"s in all those interviews. All I hear is I,I,I, me, me, me in that whiny tone reserved for toddlers and far right victims of the war on Christmas.

In every other country in the world (except maybe the UK and they are basically just our grumpy grandparents) wearing a mask is just something people do to protect each other. Like paying taxes to support universal healthcare. Of course they will because they really believe we are all in this together. In general, not just during a pandemic.

Scrolling through the internet gets harder as I start to see the inevitable idiots out there touting ridiculous conspiracy theories and just crack pot crap and it drives me to distraction. I have begun just calling it like a see it. I am truly enjoying the "there fixed it for you" format.

Mr. If they had just asked me nicely I would have worn a mask, it's the right thing to do, but I will not be ordered to wear one. I will never wear a mask now.

To which I responded "I will not do the right thing if you tell me too because no one tells me what to do" crosses arms, stomps foot...Fixed it for you.

I even had someone go off on a rant because I said she was selfish and what she was saying is "as long as it doesn't affect my rights I don't care, fuck you and your rights." She went on and on about opinions and rights and I don't like Mexican and you can't make me etc. etc., I was gone for a bit and missed her post. By the time I got a notification someone else had taken care of her for me. He said I accurately pointed out that she was only concerned about herself and that if she was going to post that shit on the most public of spaces she should expect that people are going to call her on it. Freedom cuts both ways, we are fee to mock her as we see fit. LOL. I giggled, liked and moved on, nothing for me to do here.

I have been just saying what I think. "selfish prick", "rude", "BS", no need to be nice, or have a discussion, I take too much time arguing on the internet (or so my Darling says) and it is because I try to actually have a discussion. i look at the articles people post, read their examples, respond to their arguments with well thought out arguments and cite sources. It is as though I expect people to see my words and say, Huh, I never thought of it that way. But that is silly of me. So, at least for now, I will simply translate peoples posts into "what you are actually saying" and one or two word statements. If nothing else it will save time.

On another note: Watercolor

I painted Niagara Falls, my hometown spectacle. This is the first of my watercolors I framed. I also sent one of my paintings (a sunset over Lake Erie) to an old friend in Buffalo. I thought it was my first piece of art in someone else's home but I forgot I gifted Zuzupetals with a colored pencil portrait of her child ages ago. That was my first (I think), not sure if anthing from my crazy years ended up on someones wall. Not a lot of memories from that time, it was, to say the least, wild and crazy and I didn't do a lot of sleeping so it's quite a blur.

But here is the watercolor falls.


I wish you Peace


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